12 List of Best Highly Paid Courses To Study In Nigeria – 2018

This post is about the 12 most lucrative courses in NIgeria that are highly paid to study in Nigeria as of 2018. I just have to write this due to the continues increase in the demand for it by applicants who want to apply for admission into various Nigerian Universities this year. I had previously share enormous admission through how to gain admission into Nigerian universities. As a matter of fact, we’ve had enough questions ranging from:

What are the Best Selling Courses In Nigerian Universities?

What are the best professional course to study in Nigerian Universities?

List of Highest paid courses in Nigerian Universities

Best art/science/commercial courses to study in Nigerian Universities

Lists of best engineering course to study in Nigerian universities

Best medical courses to study in Nigeria universities and many others.

With this post, I will like to provide answers to most of your questions. If you are done reading this post, you will definitely be bold enough to choose the best course among others in your 2018 UTME registration.

Though, with the current Nigerian unemployment rate, recession and the difficult economic situation, one would expect all Nigerian students who want to have a university education to be wise and select the best professional, lucrative, marketable and highly paid course to study.

It is on this note, we compiled the following 12 courses for you to look into. Though, this is subject to my personal opinion and knowledge. Feel free to add, more if you have any.

12 Lists Of Best & Highly Paid Courses To Study In Nigerian Universities – 2018 Review

1.Medicine & Surgery: I’m sure Medicine and Surgery as a course is not new to you. We all know the stress involved in studying medicine in Nigeria. Though, if you can be determined, patient and consistent you will surely reap the juicy fruit of been a medical doctor.

Though, the process of gaining admission into medicine is highly competitive in Nigeria. You have to be well prepared and ensure you score so high in UTME. Some Universities in Nigeria will not even consider any score less than 250 in UTME for medicine.

2.Pharmacy: Another lucrative and wonderful course to study in Nigeria is Pharmacy. Not just because of its employ-ability, but because of the opportunity it offers to be self reliance at the end of the whole thing.You cannot only seek for Job with your degree in pharmacy, but also establish your own Pharmaceutical companies or Pharmacy. Pharmacy admission is also competitive.

3.Accounting & Finance: These are two courses and are both lucrative when you studied them to their professional levels. With accounting and finance, you can be employed by any companies in the world. The profession places you in a better position to work anywhere. See How to register ICAN and The Cost In Nigeria.You can also establish your own financing firm and start financial consulting service. I’m personally proud to be an accountant.

4.Law: Law is a professional course you can study in the university to become a lawyer or a court judge. Law is well known for its professional practices and opportunities. If after you graduated from the university and proceeded to school of law and passed the prescribed examination, you become a barrister with practicing license.

5.Architecture: This is a lucrative course and it is a less competitive course in Nigeria. Architecture is a professional course and you can use it to engage yourself after graduation by establishing your own studio. You just don’t need to run around with your certificate seeking for job.

6.Agriculture Science: You may not want to see this on the list but its real. We are officially on recession and the government place to rescue the economy is through diversification to agriculture and mineral resources. So for any serious student, it is important to learn the act of going back to farm. You can go into fishery, piggery, planting, and many other aspect of Agriculture to harness the potential on the field.

7.Graphics Art: This is also a professional and off-course a lucrative course you can study in Nigeria. The world is going digital and every successful future entrepreneur must trend in that direction. One interesting thing about studying Graphics Art is that, your job is not only restricted to Nigeria. You can get job from any part of the world.

8.Nursing: Nursing is good, lucrative and employable. Both in Nigeria and abroad. Despite the huge rate of unemployment, Nigeria is still in short supply of good and professional nurses. This is obvious in most of our public and private hospital in every part of the country.

9.Marketing: Surprised to see this on the list? Wow!!! Marketing is cool and it is among one of the highest paid professions in the world. If you learn the act of marketing and selling, you can work with many companies in the world.Learning internet marketing would be a wonderful added advantage. Marketers do not only earn salaries, but also earn huge commission on each sale they made.

10.Estate Management: Real estate business is a multi billion naira industry in Nigeria. Many Nigerian rich men are diving into the business and you can be one of those who will manage it for them.

11.Computer Science/Computer Engineering/IT courses: We are in the age of ICT and ICT cannot be achieved without computers. If study any of these courses, you would not only be needed by individuals, but companies who will need you to handle their ICT unit. Read List of best engineering courses you can read in Nigerian Universities and their requirements.

12.Chemical/Petroleum Engineering: This is the last. I guessed you know the importance attached to petroleum in Nigeria and any other part of the world? Now imaging been a petroleum engineer. Its ‘darm’ lucrative. You can check out list of Nigerian universities that offer chemical engineering.

To me, and as a matter of fact, it is not really the course you studied in the University that makes you, it is the uniqueness in you. What you would be in the nearest future is not solely determined by the course you studied in the classroom of your university, rather your determination, the excellence in your attitude, the great things you can offer and how creative you are.

Personally, I am studing Agriculture Science , but am doing something completely different from that today… and am happy.

What other course do you think should be added?

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Am Murtala bin Zakari Muhammad also known as Mhizta_murtala, Am the author of this Great blog.
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Am Murtala bin Zakari Muhammad also known as Mhizta_murtala, Am the author of this Great blog. We are hoping to make this blog one of the most successful blog in the field of Educational updates in Nigeria, Would Please socialize our posts? Thanks.

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